Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'll always be one of Neal's Angels...

..but I'm no fool. I know there are entire harems of women out there (fess up ya'll!) who Neal loved, who love him back and feel the same way I do. Here's the selfish take on how I'll feel Neal's absence:

Who will send me that special Valentine's Day card when I otherwise wouldn't get one?

Who will have the most unique and heartfelt Christmas cards (Messianic or not--Neal's were always the best!)?

Who will unselfishly keep up with prayer requests, allowing me to cover needs from 8 different choir rosters?

Who will manage Neal's Angels--a cadre of women only the most unaffected lover could maintain?

There's only one J. Neal Gray. There could be only one. I'm just humbled that he counted me among his friends.

I love you, Neal, and I'm an Angel forever. Just because you got to run around heaven before I did doesn't mean that I'm not coming. Enjoy perfection. G-d knows you were His perfect love to me.

Kena "Shekinah" Drumgo

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